Why appoint a professional trustee

“Poor administration is not harmless or victimless. It can have a real impact. The cost to the scheme of correcting … issues, or dealing with complaints, can also eat away at members’ retirement pots.”

June Mulroy, Executive Director for DC, Governance and Administration,

The Pensions Regulator, 2011

Independent Pension Trustees are an effective solution to managing your company pension schemes.

PTL is a leading provider of independent governance services, specialising in work based pension schemes and working with clients across the UK.

We understand the complexities of managing pension schemes. Our team provide the knowledge and experience, objectivity, technical expertise and pragmatism required to effectively manage your scheme.

We have a strong reputation in the market as demonstrated by the testimonials from our clients and our industry awards – all underpinned by an energetic, dynamic and outcomes focused team committed to delivering.

Why appoint an Independent Trustee:

  • We help mitigate conflicts of interest
  • We bring expertise and knowledge – between us we have more than 250 years of experience
  • We provide additional resource, time and other services, leaving our clients free to run their businesses
  • We bring pragmatism, objectivity and knowledge to, amongst other things, decision making, setting budgets and agreeing funding plans
  • We help to recognise and mitigate risk

Over the past few years, the Pensions Regulator has encouraged organisations to appoint the services of independent pension trustees. This avoids conflicts, ensures best practice and frees up internal resource.

Why choose ptl

Above all PTL are:

  • Expert – collectively our dynamic team has over 250 years advising on Pensions governance. We have developed expertise to rival the best
  • Service delivery orientated – we work closely with your business to understand your objectives, overcome challenges and seek to achieve the best solution for you and your members
  • Award winning – we are a specialist provider of pensions governance and advice to best serve your stakeholders
  • Enjoy a challenge – we enjoy resolving ‘problem’ pension arrangements and pushing the boundaries on behalf our clients to ensure you receive the best terms
  • Innovative – we deliver solutions that work for your business
  • Positive impact on your bottom line – our solutions have a direct benefit to your businesses performance
  • Protect your brand reputation – we mitigate risk, mediate and avoid conflicts with employees to protect your business
  • Protecting your employees’ interests – our qualified and expert team develop best practice solutions to ensure the best deal for your members.

The PTL Approach

Our approach is to be personable, pragmatic and professional.

We approach every client in a collaborative way. Our aim is to help our clients identify their strategic objectives and then work with them, the trustees and the employer, the members and other service providers to achieve that objective.

Due diligence helps us to understand the size, complexity and challenges that have to be dealt with.

We build the a team around the skills and experience of our team to best suit our clients’ needs.

Please contact our team to discuss your situation on 0118 957 0610 or info@ptluk.com