Epson (UK) Pension Scheme

I have been fortunate to have David Hosford as our independent trustee to our DB scheme since 2012. During this time he has become very much a business partner to the chair and has been a vital sounding board during the complex and difficult discussions that we have had with our sponsoring employer.  David is able to simplify the issues, he has wealth of experience and contacts to draw upon, his legal background gives him clarity and direction. Quite frankly he is an indispensable asset to our trustee board and a really good guy to boot.  I would have been out of my depth without his advice as the pensions world gets ever more complex.  I can’t recommend enough having an independent trustee on your board and PTL brings trusted individuals like David with the backing of an in depth network of further experience which can be called upon.

Chair of Trustees, Epson (UK) Pension Scheme