GDPR Juggernaut

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First Published in Pension Funds Online, 28 September 2017

In his latest guest blog for Pension Funds Online, Richard Butcher speaks of the importance of the new GDPR regulations but also of his fear of getting it wrong.

I seem to remember that one of Steven King’s early films was about a chap driving across America in the dead of night when, for whatever reason, a truck starts harassing him. Presumably it starts at a low level before stepping up to intimidation and then, finally, arriving at terror – it being a Steven King film, after all. Can anyone remember what that was called?

Mentally I have the image of impenetrable dark stretching in all directions shattered only by a steaming hulk of blindingly lit metal, bearing down in a cloud of snorting exhaust fumes and deafening noise. That’s sort of how I feel about GDPR at the moment.

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