Non Pension Trusteeships

PTL can operate as an Independent Trustee to any trust as a sole trustee or as part of a board. We can act for private trusts, commercial trusts (such as investment trusts) and charities.

The Benefits of using us for Non Pension Trusteeships

  • Highly experienced Trustees
  • Mitigate conflicts of interest
  • We provide added reassurance to trust beneficiaries
  • Provides continuity of governance
  • Provides you with peace of mind

Who would use the Non Pension Trusteeships Service?

This service is designed for  any individual or corporate needing an independent expert trustee.

Non Pension Trusteeships Detailed

PTL’s Non Pension Trusteeships service is appropriate for the following situations:

Private or Family Trusts

This includes traditional Trusts for children, grandchildren or other family members. We can also provide Trusts for insurance policies taken out for tax planning purposes.

Special Purpose Trusts

Including private Trusts established for specific purposes such as funding education or providing for disabled dependents.


We are experienced in supporting and advising in the management of Charitable Trusts or working alongside other advisors for a charitable body.

Employee Benefit Trusts

Employee Benefit Trusts are established by many companies for the benefit of their staff whether directly or in conjunction with an employee share scheme.

Safe Custody

PTL can also safely retain important documents for clients and can act as your nominee to deal with investments on your behalf. This might include when a family member is posted abroad for work or service commitments.

Escrow Arrangements

As an independent trustee, PTL is able to act as Escrow Agents in holding cash, confidential information or intellectual property.

PTL’s Process – how we support your business

Our approach is to be pragmatic, personable and professional.

Being pragmatic is important. No two situations, no two problems are the same. Our pragmatic approach allows us to find sensible, common sense solutions that meet the need of all parties. A pragmatic approach is also a more cost effective approach.

Being personable is important. We all spend a lot of time working. It makes life more pleasant and work more bearable if our working relationships are friendly, warm, open and constructive. We build teams that will serve each client around that client’s needs and preferences.

Being professional is important and should be a given. The characteristics of professionalism we consider particularly important include being trust worthy, being an expert in our field, working to the highest standards, behaving ethically and fairly, observing clients confidentiality and treating all clients, colleague and others we contact in our work with consideration.

Our approach is to be collegiate, to work as part of a team with our clients and their other advisors. We aim to identify your objectives, establish how to achieve it and execute the resultant strategy.

Our approach is to be creative. The best approach to a matter or solution to a problem is not always the most obvious or established. We encourage our team to innovate externally for our clients and internally for PTL.


Please contact a member of our team to discuss the Non Pension Trusteeships Service further on 0118 957 0610 or email