Trustee Training

Since the Pensions Act 2004 trustees have been obliged to ensure that they are adequately knowledgeable to carry out their functions. The regulatory expectation is that trustees will undertake regular training to comply with this requirement.

The Benefits of using us for Trustee Training

Our aim is to provide trustees with a greater understanding of four key areas of the management of their scheme.

Who would benefit from Trustee Training

Trustees of Pension Schemes – We provide a range of standard training courses for new and experienced trustees and can also provide bespoke training. Our courses are designed to equip Trustees with the essential information needed to perform this task properly and effectively.

Where is it held?

Courses can be held at your offices or at our Reading, London orLeeds offices. They can also be held offsite if you prefer.

What will I learn?

Basic Principles:

Our basic training will help you to understand the background to and responsibilities that come with your role. It will also help you to understand what to expect in your role. This level of training can also be taken by experienced trustees as a refresher to what you already know and to update you on new regulations. Topics covered are:

  • The basic framework of pensions
  • The operation of a board of trustees
  • The issues you’ll deal with
  • How trustees are supervised

Defined Benefit Scheme – Additional Support Session:

This training is aimed at both experienced and recently appointed trustees of defined benefit schemes and goes deeper into four key areas of governance:

  • How to assess the employer’s covenant
  • Investments and the investment process
  • The post-Pensions Act 2004 actuarial process
  • Risk management and the Internal Controls Code of Practice

PTL’s Process – how we support your business

Our approach is to be pragmatic, personable and professional.

Being pragmatic is important. No two situations, no two problems are the same. Our pragmatic approach allows us to find sensible, common sense solutions that meet the need of all parties. A pragmatic approach is also a more cost effective approach.

Being personable is important. We all spend a lot of time working. It makes life more pleasant and work more bearable if our working relationships are friendly, warm, open and constructive. We build teams that will serve each client around that client’s needs and preferences.

Being professional is important and should be a given. The characteristics of professionalism we consider particularly important include being trust worthy, being an expert in our field, working to the highest standards, behaving ethically and fairly, observing clients confidentiality and treating all clients, colleague and others we contact in our work with consideration. 

Our approach is to be collegiate, to work as part of a team with our clients and their other advisors. We aim to identify your objectives, establish how to achieve it and execute the resultant strategy.

Our approach is to be creative. The best approach to a matter or solution to a problem is not always the most obvious or established. We encourage our team to innovate externally for our clients and internally for PTL.


Please contact a member of our team to discuss Trustee Training further on 0118 957 0610 or email