Trustee Dating Agency

The Trustee Dating Agency is the latest tool in our Trustee Zone. The “Dating Agency” is free to use for lay trustees and provides opportunities to meet and discuss the issues affecting both your own schemes and the industry in general with other like-minded trustees.

Richard Butcher, Managing Director, explains: “During trustee meetings we are often asked ‘what are other trustee boards doing about this?’ in relation to all sorts of issues and problems. This sparked the thought that it would be a good idea to try and get trustees together from different schemes to discuss common issues.

“Like any good dating agency, we will try and match trustees by profile so that they are good partners. We will then help to facilitate a meeting, perhaps a lunch, to allow candidates to meet and shares thoughts. It’s designed to be very simple, very relaxed and very easy, with the aim to help trustees share their experiences and ideas.”

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Here is some feedback we’ve received from Trustees that have attended one of our “lunch dates”:

“Both Vanessa and I found the lunch meeting useful and interesting with pleasant company. We could be interested in another meeting at some time in the future”.

Brian Meek + Vanessa Pearson, Thames & Hudson Ltd Pension Fund

“The lunch was very enjoyable and useful thanks. It was good to hear the views and experiences from the Trustee of another DB scheme. Kim Nash, Client Director at PTL, also had some interesting and relevant input to our conversation. Yes, it is something that I would like to repeat.”

David Garbett-Edwards, Trustee of the Ultra Electronics Pension Scheme

“It was a good opportunity to talk through common issues with trustees from different schemes, in an informal environment. The conversation flowed, helped by the moderator from PTL, and the food was excellent!”

 Andrew Lane, General Manager of Banco Santander Totta S.A

The “Dating Agency” is free to join and once a suitable match is found you will be contacted by Jemma Willard

Please note, your information will be kept private